Pen and crayon sketch of Ewan Sutherland Ewan Sutherland

The pen and crayon sketch on the left was drawn by Rabbi Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok in February 1999.  The photo is from March 2005.

Higher resolution images of me:

Some photos taken by me of different places I have visited.

  March 2012: speaking at the University of the Witwatersrand

September 2011: attending the EVUA conference

November 2007: waiting to speak at the European Parliament hearing on roaming

June 2007: speaking at the EVUA conference in Budapest

June 2006: speaking at the EVUA conference in Brussels

March 2006: Having lunch with colleagues from the Graduate School of Telecommunications and Information Technology in Addis Ababa

August 2005: Speaking at an MII/ITU seminar in Guiyang

June 2005: At APEC TELMIN6 in Lima

March 2004: With members of Nortib in Oslo

February 2003: A photograph of me speaking at a forum in Hong Kong.

September 2002: One speaking at an EVUA meeting in Glasgow and a second at a social event there.

December 2001: There are two photographs of me at the dinner after the INTUG Plenary in the Grend mayeur restaurant. On my own and with and Italian colleague.

October 2001: Two photographs of me speaking at Connect 2001 in Cancun in Mexico. first and second, plus one speaking in Brisbane for ATUG.

2000: A photo of me in highland dress, from June 2000 and a rather grainy one of me in my apartment in May

July 1998: A photograph of me (centre) in academic and highland dress between the Vice-Chancellor (right) and a PhD graduand being graduated (left). 

1997: In my office with my digital camera in January and one from November. Also a video clip made in March.

1996: One photo in the then Boatquay cybercafe in Singapore in March plus one with a friend and colleague Bill Martin in his office at RMIT in Melbourne. 

early 1990s: An old photo of me in my kilt taken on St Andrew's Day 1993. Similarly, a photo from 1991 when teaching at the University of Stirling.

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